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Due to the Corona Virus, all of Guatemala, including Panajachel, is shut down.  That means no transportation into or out of Panajachel AND no transportation allowed within the city. Without work, school, tourists or any other means of support, the residents of Pana are in dire straights.  For us that means a bus driver unable to provide for his family or pay payments on his bus; a part-time teacher/ bus attendant has no income AND, not to mention, our students and families are living under the same harsh conditions, struggling to food on the table every day while also needing to pay for housing, electricity, gas, wood for cooking, health care, etc.

Due to these conditions and despite that schools are closed; our partners are in need of help.  Any donation would be an asset in purchasing food for families in need and assisting as needed in emergency situations. 

We thank you in advance for your continued support of these students, families and employees of the Special Needs School in Panajachel.  We hope to be back in business soon, getting kids back to school and providing for their educational needs and the needs of those who work to make this project a success.

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